About Hello and Thank You for Checking Out Libi & Lola! My name is Megan and I am addicted to all things sparkly, pretty and challenging to wear. Whenever someone ask me to define my style I usually sit and ponder trying to think of an answer and usually the only word that comes out of my mouth is 'Eclectic'. Visit my clothing, jewelry and accessory closets and I am sure you would agree. Nothing about them points to one kind of style... Which leads me to define my style alter egos Libi & Lola! Libi: She is the professional and well spoken one, always classic and chic, hair always in place, solid colors and minimalistic jewelry paired with sleek handbags. Lola: Oh Crazy Lola....She is bubbly, loud and always attempting to make others laugh. Always attempts to be fashionable with bright colors, fun patterns, blinding lipstick and statement jewelry is her absolute must! Throw in 6 inch heels and an over embellished handbag and she is ready for the day! Here at Libi and Lola I aim to work with these different styles to help educate and reach stylish people from all around the world! Keep up with my daily looks and antics on my blog Hot Pink Day ! Do you have a Libi & Lola in your life? Which one do you most connect with? Shop around, there is something for everyone!

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